Cruise Camping

Cruise Camping

If you’re looking for an experience that truly breaks the mold of traditional cruise line activities then we’d like to introduce you to one of our most unique offerings – Cruise Camping


Choose from either from 4 Nights/7 Nights of two of our exhilarating packages that bring cycling, cruising and fun filled entertainment together for you and your family. First time ever in india through the unique cycle and cruise package with oceancamp cycle enthusiast can once again celebrating our cycling passion. In addition some of the selected one also to get the opportunity to Race against Cruise and win some exciting prizes.

We would like to take this opportunity to bring a very special discounted offer of our First time ever in India & a very unique event “Cycle with Cruise” especially for Nashik Cyclist Foundation to expand their lifetime experience, celebrate the exhilarating cruise journey and push boundaries by visiting really amazing cities on cycle including Mumbai and scenic southern India (New Mangalore, Cochin) and Beyond (Maldives).

At OceanCamp, we are taking a small step towards Indian Government’s initiative of making India a major Cruise tourism hub of South East Asia. We would also like to promote health awareness and wellness benefits that come along with sporting activities like cycling and running.

OceanCamp strongly believes in promoting pollution free, environmentally friendly and Green travel and tourism culture.