Just Cruising

Just Cruising

What a traveler really like about cruising is that it’s a moving feast. You buy one ticket and you get a whole list of places delivered to your front doorstep, without dragging your suitcase through a dozen airports. Every morning you wake up and you’re in another cool place. It’s like staying in a nice hotel that does the travelling for you.


For birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, reunions, engagements, and any other activities that you can think of, you can rent a yacht in Mumbai,Goa & Dubai and have a great time. We will make it the best one that you will ever have aboard our stylish yachts. Leave your worries behind. As smooth-sailing as your yacht glides across the seas, so will you party be in our caring and expert hands.

To further spice up your party cruise, additional first-class services are available with our outstanding yacht charter. Arrange for five-star gourmet catering, party decorations, disc jockey and more on top of the standard party package. If you enjoy a fishing party with your buddies, we have complimentary fishing gear as well as modern fish-finder to make it a productive affair for everyone.So for your next escapade, Let your hair down and lift those party spirits up only on the best yacht rental.

Yacht services provided by OceanCamp are not just about giving you amazing cruise yachts. It is a comprehensive package of variety services and comforts that OcenaCamp provide you with so that your trip becomes relaxing, joyful and lot of peaceful as you scan the sea and skies in these beauties.